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The ecological commitments of our campsite in the Vosges

Who says Camping, says nature! Respect for the environment is one of the pillars of Flower Campings’ DNA. Located at the foot of the Ballon d’Alsace, in the heart of the Southern Vosges massif, our Lac de la Seigneurie campsite is ready to welcome you with family or friends, for adventures in the great outdoors.

We are anchored in an eco-responsible approach on a daily basis, embodied by an environmental charter which is structured around 7 objectives:

A committed environmental policy

  • Labeled Refuge LPO since April 2024, we are committed to protecting and respecting the environment, through an environmental charter that you can find here.
  • We attach great importance to the training of our staff, particularly in the management of waste sorting, thanks to sessions organized in partnership with SMICTOM, to the point of becoming sorting ambassadors capable of advising you.
  • The production of our flocked clothing bearing the image of Flower is carried out in collaboration with a supplier who offers cotton clothing in organic conversion, respecting environmental standards.

Raising awareness among our vacationers

  • We encourage our vacationers to join our eco-responsible approach by posting reminders in living areas, particularly the bathrooms, and by including a section dedicated to simple eco-friendly actions in our welcome booklet.
  • We promote the fight against waste by giving objects a second life thanks to our mini-recycling. In addition, in order to reduce the production of paper waste, we offer reuse solutions for books and tourist brochures and thus put them back into circulation.
  • As part of our commitment to preserving the environment, our campsite organizes educational activities aimed at discovering the fauna and flora riches of the region, in partnership with the LPO and the Maison de la Terre.

Energy management

  • In order to reduce our ecological footprint, we have opted to replace traditional campsite lighting with LED solutions and systems powered by solar energy.
  • We produce part of our energy via thermal solar panels for our toilets, helping to reduce our environmental footprint.
  • We voluntarily limit nighttime lighting around our campsite so as not to disrupt the rhythm of life of the species living nearby.

Saving water

  • Our campsite recently implemented a rainwater harvesting system. This new installation provides a water supply, whether for watering plants or managing water resources.
  • We have implemented watering cycles adapted to the seasons. This initiative allows us to maintain the vibrant green of our vegetation while ensuring controlled use of our water reserves.
  • Preserving water management involves controlling the quantities used in toilets and in our rental properties. This is why we have installed water saving systems, regulating its use, without neglecting your lifestyle.

Garbage sorting

  • This is something new! From this summer, you will find a small sorting bin in each accommodation which will help you manage your waste during your stay.
  • Although batteries are useful to us every day, recycling them can be difficult and harmful to the environment. This is why we have set up a dedicated sorting bin where you can drop off your used batteries.
  • Don’t throw away your food waste too quickly! They can be valuable for ecosystems. So remember to deposit your organic waste in our bio-waste bin, located at the entrance to our campsite. This action also allows us to reduce our carbon footprint by limiting incineration.

Eco-responsible maintenance

  • We only use certified eco-responsible cleaning products, ranging from household products to laundry detergent capsules. We also prohibit the use of phytosanitary products to maintain our green spaces, and thus allow biodiversity to grow in complete peace of mind.
  • Each accommodation is equipped with a household cleaning kit including eco-responsible products, sponges and washable cloths, thus guaranteeing the maintenance of your accommodation without damaging either the environment or your health.
  • In accordance with legislation and in order to preserve bird nesting as much as possible, we are stopping (with exceptions) the pruning of our hedges from March 15.

Living environment

  • Want to discover the Alsace region? Consider carpooling. We actively encourage the joint use of your car as well as bicycle rental to promote the use of alternative modes of transport to the car and support gentle travel.
  • Find our weekly summer market to discover our local artisans and producers. We are committed to supporting short circuits by establishing various partnerships, in particular with an organic market gardener and regional products for the snack menu.